Venkat Iyer. CPA

I’m Venkat Iyer :)

Welcome Folks

I'm a CPA, Author, Entrepreneur, Profit Advisor, and Much more. I'm very proud of my credentials because I worked hard for them. I always rely on continuous education, so I won't stop learning. So do you!

I'm passionate about, Science, Tech, Astronomy, Numbers, Speed math, Outdoors, and Food. I plateaued in Finance these days, although I'm extremely good at it.

So feel free to jump in and see if you find something interesting. All I'll be venting is whatever I'm learning.

Although I did this blog for me, it was a place to journal my journey, keep myself committed to my decisions and goals, and make it fun. I trust this idea of being answerable to others when I put across my thoughts provoke me to be accountable for myself. 

The rest of all, if you like it, whether it inspires you or you see any value, is not my primary worry. I do it for fun, so do you see it for fun? And opinions are just opinions, and I genuinely do not intend to hurt anyone or endorse them. If any of you think my words are advocating or promoting a preference, please bring it to my notice. If it causes significant bias, I’ll definitely correct it.